Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Post! A Post! My Kingdom for a Post-It Note!!

'kay. Got my priorities stated! Post-It notes for everyone!! Everywhere! But be sure not to, like, hurt the environement, you know? I reserve the right to delete this post at a later date when I'm feeling less sarcastic (which means it will probably be here for-freaking-ever).

I'm so happy that SNL has new shows again. It is so funny watching Hilary pretending to be ... human! The SNL actress did a really good impression of her. Hilary must have one heck of an acting coach -- she seems like a funny, smart person. However, I have been alive longer than 20 years so even though she's selling, I'm not buying.

This is going to be an art blog someday when I upload some photographs of my work ... after I actually do some mixed-media work! I couldn't seem to get ideas for a long time and when I did, I didn't have the supplies I wanted. I now have tons of supplies. So many supplies that I may have to eBay them to pay the rent next month! Also, I keep forgetting that if I expect to sell any artwork, that it will have to appeal to someone besides me! As Keanu would say, "Whoa!" Nick Bantock should love me - I bought tons of his ever-so-cool stamps when Hampton Arts bought Limited Edition. I have some great Tim Holtz stuff too (Grungeboard rocks!). Of course, now there is going to be tiny Grungeboard!! Can't wait to get some of that stuff!! Luckily I bought some of the plain sheets so I can do my own tiny Grungeboard designs!!

Idea-of-the-nanosecond: I will pick a technique book out of my large stack of technique books and try at least one technique every week. If I happen to get on a roll, I'll do more.