Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Project from November

This is an old project but it was fun. You take a blank calendar and write or draw something in one space each day for a month. See? Even my "artwork" is sarcastic.

Some more ATCs...

Some I kept, some I gave away. Some were too lame to do anything with but simply roll my eyes at them. Here ya go:

This one is called "LSD Airstream." Looks like LSD had to be involved somewhere!

This one is just too freakin' cute. It needs combat boots or some skulls.

Just kind of lamespice (love that word, Lauren!).

This one might have been okay if I had left the swirl off of it. Live and learn, I guess

I really think it is more fun to name them than to actually create them. I like making them but they never really say what I want them to say. Mostly they just sit there and do what vacuum cleaners do.

Enough fun for now! Now go somewhere else and look at some real art. Seriously!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Wanderings of a Tiny Mind

Have been listening to part of the Twilight soundtrack from the movie website. Really like it -- gonna have to acquire it! Work is getting sort of easier and sort of better. Still weird to work from home in flannel PJs, fluffy socks, and a nice blanket instead in a cube farm somewhere. Yes, I am gloating about that. So if my hair takes a turn for the craptastic, no one has to see it besides me and the cat!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Did the last post disappear into Never-Never Land? Or was that just my brain? I have this lame-o blog just sitting out here...kind of like a blimp over a stadium (and with far less impact!). Maybe I ought to write some of the amusing stuff in here instead of putting it all in my Xanga blog? It's a thought. Not a great huge thought. Just a thought.

Have been immersed in the "Twilight" universe lately. Following cool blogs (you know who you are!). Twitter. I caved and bought the movie. I like it. Don't love it but do like it. I'm pretty happy with Edward/Rob Pattinson but Bella/Kristen Stewart needs some work. Would it have killed them to show her SMILING? There are so many hilariously sarcastic lines in the book. She delivers them as mean-sarcastic, not funny-sarcastic. Hopefully the second movie will be better but the rushed shooting schedule does not bode well for good finished product. I am probably far too old to pay attention to any of this but it doesn't feel that way while reading the books. It shows what a good writer Stephenie is!

Wow! Visitors!

Wow oh wow oh wow!! People looked at my blog!! Maybe I ought to write something interesting in it! Hey -- it could happen...but it probably won't. Just like it probably won't happen that people will look at it again!

I've got a part-time job that is pretty interesting. The only stressful part is the metrics they keep on us. I thought I was doing okay until I heard from my coach today. There is hope, but there are things I need to work on, too. Since this is my second week of actual production work I shouldn't freak out. Perfectionists will be perfectionists, though!