Friday, April 10, 2009

Wanderings of a Tiny Mind

Have been listening to part of the Twilight soundtrack from the movie website. Really like it -- gonna have to acquire it! Work is getting sort of easier and sort of better. Still weird to work from home in flannel PJs, fluffy socks, and a nice blanket instead in a cube farm somewhere. Yes, I am gloating about that. So if my hair takes a turn for the craptastic, no one has to see it besides me and the cat!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Did the last post disappear into Never-Never Land? Or was that just my brain? I have this lame-o blog just sitting out here...kind of like a blimp over a stadium (and with far less impact!). Maybe I ought to write some of the amusing stuff in here instead of putting it all in my Xanga blog? It's a thought. Not a great huge thought. Just a thought.

Have been immersed in the "Twilight" universe lately. Following cool blogs (you know who you are!). Twitter. I caved and bought the movie. I like it. Don't love it but do like it. I'm pretty happy with Edward/Rob Pattinson but Bella/Kristen Stewart needs some work. Would it have killed them to show her SMILING? There are so many hilariously sarcastic lines in the book. She delivers them as mean-sarcastic, not funny-sarcastic. Hopefully the second movie will be better but the rushed shooting schedule does not bode well for good finished product. I am probably far too old to pay attention to any of this but it doesn't feel that way while reading the books. It shows what a good writer Stephenie is!

Wow! Visitors!

Wow oh wow oh wow!! People looked at my blog!! Maybe I ought to write something interesting in it! Hey -- it could happen...but it probably won't. Just like it probably won't happen that people will look at it again!

I've got a part-time job that is pretty interesting. The only stressful part is the metrics they keep on us. I thought I was doing okay until I heard from my coach today. There is hope, but there are things I need to work on, too. Since this is my second week of actual production work I shouldn't freak out. Perfectionists will be perfectionists, though!