Friday, August 15, 2008

A couple of scans... just for fun

This one reminds me a little of Baba Yaga's house, except it was on chicken feet. I would love to have a house like this one, with its roots buried deep in the world.

This one reminds me of how I often felt when I was working full time. I only had the "life force sucked out of me" -- it never made me "stronger;" just weary in my soul.

Mr. Spock was my hero from the first Star Trek episode!! He gave my nerdiness a focus: science, science, and more science! And math of course. Long live algebra!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

A different direction...sort of

I've decided that I can't "say" everything I want to say on an ATC so I'm going to try a 6" x 6" collage. I'll post it when it is finished. My niece asked me to do one for her so she will be my first victim! Now I just have to unearth a few things for this one: red mulberry paper, pages from Japanese books (helloooo!), and black gesso. I think I have all three of those. I'd also like to get some Tim Holtz stuff to glue on (only because the tons of watch parts I have will be too small to be used effectively). That awful man -- he keeps coming up with stuff I think I have to have! Luckily, I'm mostly immune to the stamps, even though I do like them...and have a few of them too, of course.

Stay tuned to this channel but don't hold your breath -- I'm pretty slow....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More ATC stuff

Here are a few that are in progress.

And here are some that may or may not be finished.

The one on the right may actually be finished but I have to think about it. The bummer about it is that I put a lot of glue to stick the watch parts on it but it doesn't show on the scan. Oh well.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

Hug a veteran today. Seriously! They risked their lives for the sake of our country -- they should be thanked as often as possible. Even if the war seemed or seems pointless, they still went to some other country and put their lives on the line for every other American (and quite often for other countries!) here at home.

Remember -- FREEDOM ISN'T FREE!! If it wasn't for our Armed Forces, we'd still be bowing before English royalty. America: the Best of them all. Never forget. May every soldier who paid the ultimate price for our freedom rest in peace.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Second try - ATC #1

This one bores me to tears. Hopefully I can think of something interesting to do to it before I trade it!

This is it! Brace yourself!!

This one is just silly. It is a work in progress and should be much more entertaining when I'm finished with it. The title? "Tuba or not Tuba; that is a Sousaphone." Unless you're a former band geek or a musician (like me), the title won't make sense. I've got another band one in progress but I haven't decided how to make it interesting yet.

I'm a firm believer in making ATCs as interesting on the back as they are on the front. Hopefully I've succeeded! Well, I've succeeded in amusing myself, anyway.

I thought the juxtaposition of the very tough-looking Sumo wrestler looked funny along with all of those girly stickers.

Even though the image is somewhat of an overdone thing (not that Teesha Moore is responsible for everyone who emulates her art and buys her collage sheets), I like how it turned out. Walnut ink is just the greatest stuff. I mixed dirt with glue on the bottom left of the front. I was kind, though -- no butterfly wings, dunce caps, or crowns were used in the making of these ATCs.

Also, my scanning skills clearly need brushing up!! It's a new scanner and the cards are kind of thick. Note to self: run these through Picasa next time before posting them.

So those are my recent accomplishments. I guess I should get myself back to work on more -- I am sadly out of practice!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Going Nowhere Fast

I keep forgetting the password to this blog which means I don't post very often. I have a few ATCs to scan and will put them up in the next few days.

I've just realized that if I sit with the supplies out in front of me and grab stuff, stuff appears on paper and it isn't too terrible! I've always contemplated work and rarely actually completed it. Maybe instead of thinking about art at my computer, I need to think about art at my worktable with the supplies handy.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Post! A Post! My Kingdom for a Post-It Note!!

'kay. Got my priorities stated! Post-It notes for everyone!! Everywhere! But be sure not to, like, hurt the environement, you know? I reserve the right to delete this post at a later date when I'm feeling less sarcastic (which means it will probably be here for-freaking-ever).

I'm so happy that SNL has new shows again. It is so funny watching Hilary pretending to be ... human! The SNL actress did a really good impression of her. Hilary must have one heck of an acting coach -- she seems like a funny, smart person. However, I have been alive longer than 20 years so even though she's selling, I'm not buying.

This is going to be an art blog someday when I upload some photographs of my work ... after I actually do some mixed-media work! I couldn't seem to get ideas for a long time and when I did, I didn't have the supplies I wanted. I now have tons of supplies. So many supplies that I may have to eBay them to pay the rent next month! Also, I keep forgetting that if I expect to sell any artwork, that it will have to appeal to someone besides me! As Keanu would say, "Whoa!" Nick Bantock should love me - I bought tons of his ever-so-cool stamps when Hampton Arts bought Limited Edition. I have some great Tim Holtz stuff too (Grungeboard rocks!). Of course, now there is going to be tiny Grungeboard!! Can't wait to get some of that stuff!! Luckily I bought some of the plain sheets so I can do my own tiny Grungeboard designs!!

Idea-of-the-nanosecond: I will pick a technique book out of my large stack of technique books and try at least one technique every week. If I happen to get on a roll, I'll do more.